Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Tower

 The Tower
work in progress...

An interactive project, inspired in both The Babel Tower story and the recent attacks in Europe and Middle East.
The sound of the video features several women's voices. All of them are reading a homemade bread recipe; each one in her own language.

The pre-recorded video, which depicts an image of me seated and reading my grandmother’s homemade bread recipe from my mother’s cookbook, will be projected on to the screened, front windows of the ACSF 924 building during Art week.  The screen is divided into three panels.  In one of the three panels, I appear standing and reading the same recipe live, in real time.  In order to accomplish this live component, I will stand in front of a green screen in a room, from which my image will be projected onto the one third of the three panels screen alongside the other two other images of me. Simultaneously,  pedestrians on Lincoln Road (where the screen will be installed), will be invited to read a homemade bread recipe (in various languages) while seated in a red chair, identical to the red chair in the video. The images of pedestrian participation will appear intermittently on the screen, alternating with the image of my live performance; either me or the person reading will appear on the third part of the screen.
There are no statements for this piece but rather provocative shots. Womanhood and bread as unifiying, universal elements; language as symbolic representation of separation and division. Issues of cause and effect are explored as well
The different vocal recordings are manipulated as sound tracks, creating a sense of space and giving control to each language during different moments.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

An exploration at the Senior Center

Metamorfosis 1
Senior Center, North beach

In this series of liminal echoes between “social sculptures” and “relational aesthetics” work my aim is to bring contemporary art experiences to the senior community creating a playful environment where I loose control of the Action surrendering myself to their control, decisions and proposals. I became material for them. I “provoke” them by bringing one material and asking them what could we do with it. Another tool of provocation is the camera siting on the tripod, they know they will be filmed, to my surprise they like it.
After the action is done, I record their reflections, comments and thoughts about the experience.
The last step comes with the edition, I always use the voice recordings overlaps in different channels of the video, creating depth and form on the space with the channels and the textures that comes from the different languages and accents as they come from a variety of places.