Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tutoral log for 5/19/2016 full meeting

During the meeting with Anya and Michael we discuss:
1-To start working with the RDC2 or Chapter 1. 
  1. An overview of my work  in a context frame, waving context with aspects of my own practice; find people who are related but differently;
  2. How can my work could be put into a dialogue with other artists and/or theorists.
Suggestion: to write 5 ideas of each one of my social sculptures pieces, to look at every video and come up with 5 sentences.
2- To write, write and write. Prepare a text with the ideas for my Berlin presentation.
3- Interview: As per my coming last meeting with Camila, Caroline and Eileen: to prepare few questions for them to answer and to ask them to prepare questions for me to answer.
4-TI set of instructions: giving the instructions back to them? Think what can I do with them.

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