Saturday, November 14, 2015

An exploration at the Senior Center

Metamorfosis 1
Senior Center, North beach

In this series of liminal echoes between “social sculptures” and “relational aesthetics” work my aim is to bring contemporary art experiences to the senior community creating a playful environment where I loose control of the Action surrendering myself to their control, decisions and proposals. I became material for them. I “provoke” them by bringing one material and asking them what could we do with it. Another tool of provocation is the camera siting on the tripod, they know they will be filmed, to my surprise they like it.
After the action is done, I record their reflections, comments and thoughts about the experience.
The last step comes with the edition, I always use the voice recordings overlaps in different channels of the video, creating depth and form on the space with the channels and the textures that comes from the different languages and accents as they come from a variety of places.

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